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About us

Welcome to!
Here is space for words and we would like to use them to bring closer to you.
What is our idea?

We want to be the first point of contact in Europe and Switzerland and later worldwide, where escort women (we call them Scortessen) get a serious, professional and above all legal opportunity to market their services. These can be non-erotic services such as escorting to business appointments, pure holiday escorts, etc. or the services as a classic escort lady. We want to offer the escort seeker a serious, discreet and above all efficient escort platform, where he can find and contact the right escort in seconds. We are in the broader sense an independent escort directory. But in a narrower sense we are much more!


What makes us so special?


To be Found as an escort!
First of all, we have a unique search function. Age and location can be used by many but besides the classic filters like size, figure, languages and education level etc. we also have an integrated hashtag search. Fine details like tattoos, piercings, companion, travel, evening, outcalls, incalls, and much more let you find the needle in the haystack quickly!

Still taking too long? No problem! Via initiative ads, men have the possibility to create a specific search query, which we then forward to all matching scortesses. If you as a Scortesse are interested, you can answer with one click.

Profile - Calendar - Newsfeed
Another heart of! Here you get the opportunity to describe yourself. The first feature is that you can define up to three locations with radius where you want to be found. You travel a lot and want to be found there? No problem, if you want to, you can share your current location and be found there. 
The profile page is all yours and you bring it to life. What are you available for, what do you want from your escort clients? Post pictures and invest a little more time at this place to get less inappropriate requests later! Use the calendar and only let yourself be found if you want to work - if you are free, you are free! 
While you are describing yourself in your profile, the news feed allows you to draw attention to yourself with news. These news will not only be displayed in your profile but also in the newsfeed of, making you even more present.
Our Chat
In many parts of Europe and the world escorts are not allowed to advertise their services openly. For independent escorts it may also be problematic to receive calls or SMS messages at inappropriate times. What if you do not want to meet and your counterpart does not accept it? Your phone number is misused and posted in unwanted forums?
At you are protected against this. We offer you an encrypted chat, which of course we cannot read either. Here you can exchange more pictures and make arrangements or not. Block annoying users and report them additionally if you are harassed. Decide individually who you want to give your number and further details to! At this point, we would like to point out that you should definitely give an email address that will reach you quickly. We will inform you about new chat messages immediately by email, so that you can react quickly if you are not logged in to your account. Of course we will not give your email address or any other personal information to third parties. Privacy is a very important issue for us!


Blog & Miss Scortesse
We are not an escort agency (#noagency) but also not just a boring escort directory. We want to become a big society! In the future we will collect interesting topics for escort women and escort clients via the blog. Later on we will also start to choose Scortesses - regional, monthly and of course one scortess of the year. We are already looking forward to it :) We suspect that the joy will also be with the winners when the booking numbers explode as a result! Maintain your profile, add nice photos and increase your chances! 
Our price model:
Currently we are absolutely free of charge for quite some time. Even though our popularity is increasing daily and we already have over 10,000 Instagram followers, we can't yet provide you with the added value we would like to offer you. "Good things take time," as the saying goes...
Even if at some point in the future we will have to pay to finance ourselves, we promise you fair prices today!
No subscriptions, no notice periods, no additional fees - that's our motto. Instead, packages with different terms that do not have to be cancelled and always include all functions. Under no circumstances will we ever charge any commissions! Your business, your work - your money!
Last but not least:
We stand for honesty, transparency, fairness, respectability and discretion. We want to support you in your business with these ideals. If you use our functions correctly, you can manage to focus completely on your business without further help. Save your valuable time and leave the advertising to us. Individual homepages already have no chance to be found and we let you find where you want to be found worldwide. As an approved Google Advertiser, we use the opportunity to be on top with ads within our budget. If we are found - you will be found! 
Convince yourself of and test us for free and without obligation!
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