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Benefits for Scortesses

Everything for you - no commissions to us

We are not an agency and will therefore never demand commissions from you!  

It is: your job - your success - your money!

Win new Clients - use our Network

A team of experts works tirelessly to increase the reach of - every day! For example we already have - and therefore you as well - over 10.000 Instagram Follower and it's getting more every day.

We meet the very strict Google guidelines and are therefore even allowed to show real ads. This is a real privilege in this industry! If is found, you will be found! 

Be aware: All the time you invest in your marketing is missing for your customers or for you. No matter how big your efforts are - you alone remain the "needle in a haystack" for the search engines.


A modern Profile Page - Instead of a dull Ad

Instead of the boring digital "VIP ads" that are still common, gives you your own profile page. Here everything is all about you!

Upload pictures, post stories and describe yourself. Also use your newsfeed for your fans. If you like, your news will also be posted on the main page of This way you increase your chances for even more requests.

A tip: Make an effort, upload appealing pictures and you will be rewarded with requests.

Let us find you there - where you want to be

Do you travel a lot, live close to the border or would you simply like to be found far away? 

No problem! In your settings you can define three locations with a radius of up to 100km each, where you can be found in the future. Of course you can change them at any time.

If you have free - you have free

You would like to have some undisturbed free time, enjoy your vacation or be alone for the weekend without any requests? We will not only let you find where you want it, but also when you want it!

In your profile you can set up your calendar to determine when you want to be undisturbed. You won't be found during this time and you won't be disturbed with requests that you would refuse anyway.

Protect your Identity - spare your nerves

We believe that not everyone, no matter how crazy, should know your name, mobile number etc. if you don't want them to. Spare yourself the annoying phone and message terror.

Our Concept: You will only be displayed with a user name of your choice. If someone wants to get to know you, he writes to you via an encrypted chat, which we cannot see either.

If you feel annoyed, you can block it with one click and even report us if necessary.

A tip: Don't enter your mobile number directly on your profile page. Wait and see how your counterpart behaves in the chat and then decide individually.

We are there for you - legally, seriously, discreetly

If you need help, you can always reach us and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Our company is located in the EU and not in a legal vacuum. 

You have a right to your rights! We do not shirk our responsibility, we do not conceal our identity. We want to be your partner in the long term. Fair, equal, transparent.