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Benefits for Scortesses

Our solution - to be found

To be found as you deserve it, we invest a large part of our resources in search engine optimization and advertising. Our goal is to rank first in all relevant countries with industry-specific keywords. We channel your interest and the interest of the other scortesses in order to gain the greatest possible attention for each individual to attract perfect self-marketing. enables you more attention than ever before!

Search - on point

Our claim is efficiency. We want you to be found as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks to our unique search methods, users will find exactly what they are looking for - you! 

Initiative search - just react

Users can post search queries and add their preferences to them. If the initiative search matches your profile information, you can respond to the inquiry. Do not wait, act!

Our code - simply fair

Our search algorithm is unique. Instead of being able to buy a ranking, we would like to support our active scortesses. Put simply: The more active you are on, the higher your ranking will be! The most important thing, of course, is that you match the search query. In addition, click rates, reaction and conversion rates are included in the ranking. There are other criteria that all follow the same logic - activity is rewarded!

The results - suit yourself

In order to be found on all levels, to meet the different intentions and to offer all users the highest efficiency, there are four selection variants on

Your profile - your business card

With your profile, you have the possibility to present yourself from your best side. With your pinboard, your information, your hashtags, as well as your pictures and videos you can reach exactly the users you want to reach. You decide which picture you want to reveal. offers you numerous possibilities to either reach existing contacts or to reach new contacts.  

Calendar - organize yourself

The calendar is an important part of the intelligent search function. The better the calendar is maintained, the more accurately you will be found. This will save you a lot of work afterwards. For example, you do not get inappropriate requests for appointments you are not available and you do not annoy potential dates with unnecessary cancellations. Some of our users search for certain dates and want to have an efficient solution.

Chat - your conviction

The chat function allows you not only secure and encrypted communication with users, but also file upload. The chat function helps you to reduce inhibitions, keep in touch and make appointments. You can create a communicative level. 

If something does not seem correct, you can report and block the person you are talking to. We will then check as soon as possible whether we can permanently remove the profile. Check your counterpart.

Location - your flexibility

We want you to stay flexible. If you share your location, you will be displayed wherever you are. Of course, alienated. So that you are not bound to one location and can receive requests everywhere. Of course, users can also find you by using the proximity search. Flexibility for you - reach for your services.