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fine by the rhine

Dusseldorf is not only the capital of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is located by the Rhine, which not only offers identification but also determines a considerable part of the leisure activities of the currently more than 600,000 inhabitants. Apart from these facts, this is of course about an unforgettable date. It's about how to get an unforgettable experience. For us, this includes two things. A great date and a great environment. We take care of the date. But we can still provide you with some inspiration for the right environment for your date, because Dusseldorf has a lot to offer. Whether beautiful walks, great restaurants, unusual activities or a shopping tour. The Rhine promenade offers a great atmosphere and invites you to long walks. The date can be rounded off with a visit to the numerous restaurants and bars. Nearby is also the Düsseldorfer Rheinturm, which with its Skybar and restaurant offers a magnificent view over the city. The old town of Düsseldorf is directly adjacent to it. Here you can expect the cheerful Rhenish nature, with numerous possibilities to stop for a bite to eat, trendy clubs and some bars and restaurants. But Dusseldorf is above all known for the so-called KÖ. With numerous shopping possibilities you can treat yourself and your companion. Despite all the possibilities, it is the perfect company that makes the date a success. 

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