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a very special city

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and has about 821,000 inhabitants. It is not only known for its artistic heritage, the widely ramified canal system and the beautiful architecture. Amsterdam is a famous city and known all over the world. For all users of it is an absolute enrichment. No matter if you are in Amsterdam for business, living there or be on holiday - there are many Scortesses that will show you their personal Amsterdam. Our wonderful Scortesses will surely show you your personal Amsterdam as an escort, paid date or sugarbabe. Even if our Scortesses are at least as individual as the ideas of a perfect date, we can still give you our personal recommendations. If one disregards all the museums and classic sights like the huge National Museum Rijksmuseum, the famous Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandthuis or one of the really worth seeing museums on the Museumplein, you are dealing with experiences that may not be found in every travel guide. Because we want to give you tips for a cool date. One of these tips is the market hall "De Hallen". There you can feast your way through all the Dutch cuisine and make one or two discoveries. An absolute must see, understandably without any obligation, is a visit to one of the countless coffee shops in Amsterdam. Due to its location and popularity, the world-famous Bulldog is recommended. There are two of them in Amsterdam. You can also simply have a cup of coffee there. For the evening, the canal belt is recommended, in which there are numerous restaurants, bars and clubs. Especially on the Leidseplan or the Museumsplein, one can confidently start the nightlife. Recommended clubs are among others the "Escape", the "Club Air", the "Club Up" and the "Sugarfactory". Another place to go out is De Pijp. There are numerous restaurants, bars and smaller clubs. For a great dinner we recommend the restaurant of the Openbare Bibliotheek van Amsterdam. First class views and great food.

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