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Just international politic?

Brussels has over a million inhabitants and is one of the most densely populated regions in Europe, with some truly fascinating facts and figures. It is home to more than 20 European Union organisations, employing over 5400 diplomats. Brussels is also home to 42 intergovernmental organisations. It is home to 300 regional and local representations and an average of over 20,000 lobbyists. No wonder, then, that over 100 different languages are spoken here. However, Brussels is not a city of facts and figures, but a city of culture. This also includes places of interest. Whether you're in Brussels on business, staying there or be on holiday, there are many Scortesses that will show you your personal Brussels. Our wonderful Scortesses will bring you closer to your personal Brussels as an escort, paid date or sugarbabe. Even if our Scortesses are at least as individual as the ideas of a perfect date, we can still give you our personal recommendations. Of course, there would be the flagship par excellence, the Atomium. You have to see the 60 year old building, built for the world exhibition Expo at that time. Even if it is a classic tourist magnet. The Palais Royale is not only a magnificent building, but as the name suggests, the ancestral seat of the royal family. One should definitely have a look at it. For art lovers, we recommend the Magritte Museum, which houses the largest collection of the surrealist René Magritte. But Brussels is also a good place to relax. An example of this is the Jubelpark. One should also visit the Grote Markt and the city hall there. An architectural masterpiece. But one should also discover the culinary culture of the city. From a culinary point of view, Belgium is known for three things. Belgian fries, Belgian waffles and Belgian beer. Of course, all three are served in Brussels. Probably the best chips in the world can be found at Maison Antoine, in Place Jourdan 1. An absolute must and highlight. Frits here are not just frits, but cultural assets and craftsmanship. Belgian waffles are a must, of course. The probably best waffles of the city can be found in the Galerie du Roi 9 at "Mokafe". The famous Belgian beer can be found in every restaurant, bar and club.

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