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Vienna stays Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and has about 1.9 million inhabitants. This makes Vienna the most populous city in the Alpine republic. The greater Vienna area, on the other hand, is home to about 2.8 million people - about one third of the total Austrian population. There are hardly any cities that are more worth seeing than Vienna. For all users of it is an absolute enrichment. Because no matter if you are in Vienna for business, live there or spend your holidays - there are many Scortesses that will show you their personal Vienna. Our wonderful Scortesses will certainly show you your personal Vienna as an escort, paid date or sugarbabe. Even if our Scortesses are at least as individual as the ideas of a perfect date, we can still give you our personal recommendations. Anyone visiting Vienna should definitely visit one of the magnificent castles, which play an important role in the fairytale-like scenery of the city. For example the palace Hofburg, which is not only really beautiful, but today houses a museum complex worth seeing, the palace Schönbrunn, world cultural heritage and picturesque scenery or the baroque palace Belvedere. If you want to experience even more culture and art, the Albertina, an art museum with important art collections, is the right place for you. The MuseumsQuartier also has a number of museums. Culture is also food. The Wiener Naschmarkt stands for local specialities. Those who like to eat well are in the right place here! The market offers many different specialities and convinces on full line. For a relaxed stroll, Vienna of course also has a few to offer and there is not, as usual, the Prater, but for example the Augarten, which is located between the Danube and the canal. The nightlife is also flourishing in the capital. For example the event Albert & Tina at the Albertina. Very creative pun, isn't it? The Techno Café offers a special atmosphere. Every Tuesday the Volksgarten Pavillon is the venue for celebrations. Also very recommendable are the "Albertina Passage", the restaurant "Das Motto", the "Palmenhaus", the "Onyxbar" at St. Stephen's Cathedral or the restaurant "Spelunke". 

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