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Hometown Of Pleasure

With a population of almost one million, Naples is the third largest city in Italy and the capital of Campania. Every single Scortesse will be happy to introduce you to her personal Rome as an escort, paid date or sugarbabe. Even if our Scortesses are at least as individual as the ideas of a perfect date, we can still give you our personal recommendations. Of course, especially for visitors, the classic sights should not be missing. For example the Castel dell'Ovo. This castle by the sea invites you to enjoy the sun and listen to the sea. Or the Galleria Umberto, right next to Piazza Plebiscito. The Piazza Plebiscito itself is an eye-catcher and surprises with its size. The Duomo di Napoli is also a must-see. The cathedral is located in the center of Naples. Just like the royal chapel in the cathedral. A visit to Vesuvius is a must-do and attracts with a view into the crater of the volcano. Really worthwhile. Behind it is also Pompeii. But what would Italy be without the incredibly good food? Naples is not only the home of pizza, there are many culinary highlights. Food is celebrated in Naples and one should also get involved with it. It is no exaggeration to say that the local cuisine can change the tastes' horizon. The mother of the pizza finds here for example in the L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. There is only the classic Magherita. The name comes from the queen of the time. Buffalo mozzarella, basil and fresh tomatoes define the taste here. Tasty pasta is available in every restaurant that is well filled. A secret tip is the Anonymous Trattoria Gourmet. In Naples you should definitely eat pasta with seafood - please! 


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