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Your service informations

  • Technical support

    We are happy to help you! Contact us and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean immediately. In order to be optimally prepared and to be able to solve the problem as efficiently as possible, we ask you to write us an e-mail to support@scortu.comIf possible via your registered account.

  • Advertise accompanied

    If you are Scortesse and would like to create a profile with the help of one of our service staff members, please feel free to contact us. Please send us your suggestions so that we can take enough time to create the perfect result together. If you already have a profile and have questions about the different options, you can also contact us at

  • Lifestyle Scortesse®

    To be a Scortesse means to identify yourself with your service and the lifestyle associated with it. Without question, this is a rather unconventional lifestyle that has charisma like no other. Scortesses pay homage to the free life. To dedicate oneself to pleasure and the beautiful things in life is a privilege. adapts and protects this feeling. We indulge in this lifestyle and with we offer the surface that makes it possible to fully follow one's own ideas of a perfect life. Here you can live your life in complete safety. Dating ideas are quite different. On you can find what you are looking for or get surprised by being guided by your impartiality. On you experience the lived experience. Enjoy and use your possibilities on

  • Why should I date

    There are several reasons for this.
    Discretion, temporary attachment and closeness can only be found through paid dating. is committed to freedom and discretion.
    On you will find people who are looking for temporary entertainment and pleasure to benefit from each other. Here you get to know people and enjoy the moment with a real person. The opportunity to indulge in the moment unconditionally comes from getting to know each other, the mixture of appearance and character. You have time to get to know your counterpart and find out what should connect you.
    You want authenticity? If you have a date via, the limits and possibilities are different from conventional dates. You know in which direction the date can move. The interest is there. You know that previously agreed things can become reality. Just the idea of knowing that you have your opposite number for yourself in that moment, without thinking about consequences. This is deceleration and the purest form of interpersonal togetherness. You can surrender to the moment, enjoy it and experience the energy. The increase of the moment, the fantasy. There is nothing more sensual.

  • Your profile

    You can create your own user profile on This information can only be accessed by Scortesses who, depending on your status of getting to know each other, have either received a message from you or have become aware of you through an initiative request. However, your personal information, which you should communicate as concisely as possible and in the chat, should give you a certain insight, since many of our scorecards would like to know roughly which person they are meeting. Sympathy plays a role here. Also with the contact organization.

  • Procedure of a date

    The procedure of a meeting can be quite different. How exactly, of course, interested parties and Scortesses determine individually. Nevertheless, we would like to give you the opportunity to gain an impression of how a meeting with a Scortesse is usually conducted. On you will find a variety of Scortesses via our various search functions. In order to be able to contact the Scortesse of your choice, you must first register with once. The registration is very fast and uncomplicated: Accept the terms of use, set username, enter email address, confirm link and off you go. Then write a message and indicate your proposed date if you are interested. If you make an appointment, you can make an appointment at a specific time and place. You greet each other and present the agreed amount as discreetly as possible. Then your date can really start. Enjoy the date!

  • Payment

    Our Scortesses have fun on a variety of different exciting dates (you can find suggestions on To indulge in this lifestyle you have to be on the safe side financially. Therefore you agree on a certain amount before you meet with the Scortesse. This amount will be handed over at the beginning of your meeting. In order to avoid unpleasant situations and to enjoy the evening to the full, we recommend that you hand over the agreed amount appropriately and discreetly. The first impression counts. Have fun!

  • Security in communication

    We essentially only want to save what is necessary for the operation of the site. Please also read our data protection guidelines. It should be particularly emphasized that the chat between interested parties and Scortesses is encrypted and outsourced for security reasons. All messages or files in the chat will be deleted after 14 days. With this we would like to give you an excellent discretion. Neither nor third parties have access to the chat. However, we recommend that you do not share too much personal information or files and limit yourself to superficial information.

  • Security during the meeting

    Once you have found your Scortesse, we recommend that you contact her via chat. There you can gain a first impression and clarify certain modalities. If you have the impression that there is something wrong with the date, we recommend that you cancel the date. Don't hesitate to contact the security authorities in case of legal violations. If there have been incidents that have shaken your confidence and you think they must have consequences, we ask you to tell us the facts. We will clarify the facts on our part and draw consequences. In order to prevent this, we have drawn up the following "Four Step Plan for a Secure Date".

  • The four-level plan for a secure date

    1. deal with your opposite. offers you the opportunity to get to know your future date better beforehand. Take advantage of this opportunity and get into the chat more closely. Ask certain questions and test the sympathy. So you can start your date with a good feeling.

    2. tell someone about your meeting. So that you can feel even safer, we recommend that you tell someone in advance when, where and with whom you are meeting.

    3. meet your date in a public place to check if the first impression you made during the chat or phone call is true. If the impression is incorrect, we recommend you to end the date directly. Your well-being is more important.

    4. There are numerous ways to designate someone from your immediate environment as a "security contact". Let this person know at the beginning of the date, in between and at the end how things are going.
    We've been told that the App Wayguard is a great way to provide possible protection. Note: We are currently not a cooperation partner of the company and only share the experiences of third parties. If you are interested in this topic, you will surely find enough testimonials on the Internet.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    You can delete your profile at any time. To do this, go to "Profile -> Settings -> Delete account". Please keep in mind that all your information, contacts and links will be finally deleted as far as legally permitted and cannot be restored.

  • Why do I have to register as a user to make contact?

    We not only want to protect you as a user, but also the Scortesses on The risk of not seriously contacting and the resulting expenses for Scortesses are one of the reasons for us to see the registration as a necessity. Nevertheless, you are completely anonymous and cannot be personally identified by anyone. You must provide your email address, username and password. We also want you to be able to take full advantage of By registering you have the possibility to create your own profile. You can retrieve your sent messages, manage contacts and create a favorites list. The advantages are on both sides. Of course, you can also move limited to without registration.

  • Scortesse isn’t just “Escort” or “Companion”

    We differentiate. Nevertheless, the boundaries are fluid. Since there are many users on who are not only looking for erotic experiences, the actual term is very difficult to grasp. On there are providers who simply prefer the company or are after a long-term interpersonal relationship. These are to be identified due to the restriction "non-erotic" or even "sugarbabe". Providers who further define their boundaries must be identified through "erotic". Please have understanding for the restriction. You have to decide what is important to you. We therefore prefer the legally protected term Scortesse. An unbiased term, which is not legally influenced. Because nothing is as it seems and nothing seems as it is.

  • Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG)

    Dear german Scortesses,
    we are supporters of the Prostituiertenschutzgesetz and would like to inform you about the ProstSchG in the following. The aim of the information is to show what we believe to be the most important statements of the law. You are responsible for assessing whether your services are covered by the law. Via the following link you can (and should) take a closer look at the current version of the law yourself:

    Of course, this information does not constitute legal advice and does not claim to be accurate. It is rather our interpretation of the law. In the first section, the General Provisions are formulated. Thus, the law applies to prostitutes as well as to operators of a prostitution trade and their intermediaries.

    In Germany, prostitution under the age of 18 is prohibited!

    But who are prostitutes in the legal sense? Prostitutes are persons who provide sexual services. To put it simply, these are sexual acts against payment. No sexual services are e.g. demonstrations with exclusively representational character, with which no further of the present persons is sexually actively included.

    To put it simply, a prostitution trade is a business that offers services in connection with the provision of sexual services or provides premises for such services. This also includes movables.

    Prostitution brokering is the brokering of sexual services outside the operator's prostitution premises. This also applies if it is merely apparent from the circumstances that sexual activities are also part of the brokered services.

    The second section of the law describes the duties of prostitutes. Prostitutes have a legal obligation to register even before they perform their activities. It does not matter whether you do this on your own or in the context of an employment relationship. You must register with your local authority. When you register, you must submit two photographs and provide the following information: First and last names, date and place of birth, nationality, sole residence or main residence in the sense of the registration law, alternatively an address for service and the states or municipalities in which the activity is planned. Of course, you must bring your identity card or passport with you to register. When you register for the first time, you must provide proof of health advice in accordance with § 10 Paragraph 1 provided within the previous three months. The proof presented with the first registration is valid during the validity period of the first registration certificate also as proof with further registrations. Prostitutes aged 21 and over must submit evidence of the health consultations held at least once a year in order to renew their registration. Attention: Prostitutes under the age of 21 must even submit evidence of health consultations that have taken place at least once every six months! If you are entitled to work as a prostitute, you will receive a registration certificate from the authorities within five working days.

    The law also regulates who is not allowed to work as a prostitute. Prostitution under the age of 18 is forbidden, as already written. The same naturally applies to expectant mothers in the last six weeks before delivery. We must not be forced into prostitution, for whatever reason! It is also important to know that the registration certificate is only valid locally. A granted permit is valid for two years, if you are over 21 years old and for one year less. At your request, the authorities will also issue you with a pseudonymised registration certificate (alias certificate). Please note that you must always carry the certificate with you when you work!

    In the further course of the second section, explanations will be given, for example, on the information tasks of the authorities and their rights to protect prostitutes and third parties, as well as information on health advice, etc. So please read the law.

    The third section of the Act states that both the operators and the intermediaries require official authorisation to carry out their activities. The fourth section contains the obligations of the operator. All this we want to neglect here however and refer to the appropriate paragraphs in the law.

    Section five of the Act gives the authorities the right to monitor compliance with the Act. We do not want to discuss this further here and refer to the law.

    However, it is important for us to inform you in more detail about Section 6. Here the prohibitions and their fines are regulated.

    Sex without a condom is forbidden! Operators of a prostitution trade are obliged to point out the condom obligation by a clearly visible notice or to inform about it in detail. It is always (!!!) forbidden, no matter in which way, to advertise sexual intercourse without a condom. The same applies to applying for sexual intercourse with pregnant women. Legal interests of the general public in need of protection, in particular the protection of minors, must also not be impaired.

    Whoever violates the Prostituiertenschutzgesetz can be punished with sensitive fines. Fines of up to 50,000 euros are possible!

    Section seven of the Act finally regulates data protection and the right to statistical processing of data.